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About Us

Who we are

Xuperb is a marketing consultancy that assists both Chinese and Australian companies in deepening their brand relationships with Chinese consumers. Equipped with extensive knowledge of the digital landscape, our team works together with clients to create cutting-edge marketing strategies to target Chinese markets.

Innovative thinking in e-commerce, analytics and data research allow us to go beyond our clients’ expectations to offer optimal solutions to their problems in the digital marketing sector.

Our primary focus is to provide assistance to our clients who wish to develop and deepen the digital relationship between their brands and the Chinese consumers. We deliver value and measurable results through quality marketing content and strategic thinking.

We offer a variety of services ranging from web technology, digital marketing, social media, all the way to strategy and data analytics. We aim to offer optimal results to our clients through collaboration and understanding.

Our solutions

What we do

We offer everything you need to communicate with Chinese customers through digital marketing channels.

Social Media

We can set up and verify your Chinese social media channels, and establish your brand in the Chinese market. We are experienced in both Chinese and Western social media channels.

Paid Media

We can implement digital advertising across Weibo, WeChat, Baidu, Google, Facebook and Twitter. Whether you want a successful WeChat ad campaign or Baidu PPC SEM campaign we’re here for you.


We have built a lot of successful, high performing websites for our clients. Whether you’re looking for localisation of an existing site or a new Chinese website we can help.


Getting the right strategy in place for your brand can be difficult, it’s easy to waste money on the wrong digital channels, which is why we are here to put in place a solid China strategy and the right communications.

Marketing Services

To Reach Chinese Audiences

Our Chinese marketing services cover the top social media platforms in China (i.e.Weibo and Wechat) and the most popular in the west (i.e. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). Our Chinese websites are designed, translated, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Need a Chinese marketing campaign? No problem! We offer the best solutions to get your brand out there, and our SEO services use the top search engines Baidu (in China) and Google to help you climb to the top page ranking.

Chinese Social Media

Account Management

Account Verification

Copy Writing


Digital Campaigns

Account Management

Digital Ads

Search Engine Marketing

Campaign Optimisation

Chinese Websites

Website Design

Website Translation

Search Engine Optimisation

Copy Writing

Mobile Campaigns

Mobile Mini-sites

Mobile Promotions

Ad Translations



There is talk that mobile is the future, actually mobile is now. More people in China are accessing the internet from a mobile device, and consumer spending on mobile is fast encroaching on PC purchases.


A Wechat mini-site offers a brand rich, and a Wechat integrated mini-site that users can navigate through to learn more about your brand. It’s a mobile website but with Wechat navigation.

Mobile Promotions

 A brand immersive promotional experience that is optimised for mobile. This allows us to do some pretty cool things that we wouldn’t usually be able to do on desktop.

App Translation

What’s better than an awesome game or productivity app for iPhone? One that is accessible to hundreds of millions of Chinese consumers of course!

Mobile in China is extremely important

More and more consumers are choosing to just buy a smartphone in place of a PC so make sure you are mobile ready!


Chinese Website Design

The great firewall of China prevents access to many websites and services hosted outside of mainland China, and users accessing a website hosted outside of China will have excruciatingly long load times to access your site. Let us help you be China ready.


We ensure that regardless of what device your website visitors use your website will always look beautiful. Our Chinese websites are designed with mobile in mind, we craft your site for optimal viewing and interaction experience regardless of screen size, this way you can be assured your content will be displayed exactly how you intend.


Just as your website domain and hosting solutions may be optimised for Google, it is also important to ensure your Chinese website is optimised for access in mainland China. Having a “.cn” domain shows your audience that you have a tailored and custom service for Chinese consumers.


We do a lot of work to understand what your goals and needs are from a Chinese website. We build and create websites that are tailored to you and your market. We know that one size does not fit all, and our expertise across different industries allows us to borrow the best from all industries and build you something amazing!

Create rich online experiences for Chinese audiences

We build website environments that are designed to provide users with an optimal experience, regardless of location or device.


Digital Marketing Campaigns

To stand out in today’s digital marketing climate you’ve got to be doing something clever. And to impress customers, you’ve got to making that clever thing look good, and have relevence too.

Generate Results

Whether Search engine marketing through Baidu or Google or display advertising, running a digital advertising campaign is a great way to achieve results quickly.

Build Awareness

Ads allow you to reach netizens who may not be aware of your brand, we can build this awareness through social media or set up a digital campaign for you with PPC, pixel retargting and all sorts of fancy stuff.

Target Consumers

Ads allow us to set certain criteria for the audience we want to reach. Whether that be a young demographic based in Shanghai who are interested in fashion, or middle aged women in Guangdong who like to travel.

Obtain Followers

If your objective is to grow your fan base and increase your level of engagement, ads can help you this quickly. Our social media services can then make sure you keep them.

We strive for perfection in our digital campaigns

Our creative team can take an average ad and make it something truly spectacular.


Social Media

There are a lot of Chinese social media platforms out there, however there are two social media platforms that any business seeking to engage with a Chinese audience need to have a presence on. Weibo and WeChat are the giants of Chinese social media with a combined total of 1 billion accounts.

Account Management

We handle the day to day running of your social media account, starting from setting up your account, to customising your homepage, and ensuring the account remains active and online.


Building loyalty and promoting your brand requires more than just pushing content, which is why our social media team will handle all of your engagement activities and give you a voice on Chinese social media.

Content Creation

Our social media team are at the very heartbeat of current and upcoming social media trends, and we can take the hassle away from having to constantly think up new viral content, becuase we can do this for you.


Knowledge is power, and we use all the analytical goodness we can muster to optimise everything we do for you, and also furnish you with a detailed report about your account and the market.


Social media has a huge impact on your brand image and can greatly influence a consumers buying decision, so with this in mind we will help you define your social media strategy and make your social media…more social.


We want to help you achieve your goals, making your goals our goals. We use this to measure and analyse the work we do for you.

Your social media success is what drives us

We are passionate about the companies we work with and we want our social media expertise to help you succeed.

Our portfolio

Our awesome works

We work with big brands and SME’s alike. Our expertise has launched websites for top brands, ran social media marketing campaigns that have reached millions and developed sophisticated mobile experiences.

Our team

Behind the scenes

Nina Zhou

Nina (Ying) Zhu


With extensive experience in China, Nina helps our clients navigate the challenges of multi-lingual marketing environments. She is also Fluent in mandarin, Russian and English.

Matt Anderson

Matthew Anderson


Inquisitive by nature, Matthew leverages commercial experience to combine data, research and insights to keep our clients at the leading edge of marketing.

Our Qualifications

Industry Credentials

Our experienced team holds a number of industry credentials that augments substantial experience

WeChat Qualified
Flight School

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